Goodbye Landline! – Get rid of the local exchange

So you’ve looked at your local phone bill and it was… oh my, how much does a simple phone number cost? This doesn’t seem right! How can I be paying more than $40 a month for a land line phone?

Well it doesn’t matter how you wound up paying that much. The unfortunate answer is that you are. That monthly fee turns out to be $500 per year after taxes. Yikes! But are there any real, viable, and safe options? And further, are you really ready for a change? I mean, it is only $500 a year. Most of us pay more than that eating fast food every year.

If your answer is, “Yes! I am ready for a change! I’m ready for an alternative that will save me some dough! I’m ready to ditch my landline!”, then you are in luck! This paper is for you. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of different services, and even the “risks” that you will face with getting rid of your phone line.

Ditch the Landline is focused on the home user or Small Office-Home Office (SOHO) user. It is not a technical step-by-step or “how to” document (of which many exist), it is a document to get you comfortable and thinking about the switch. Sometimes you just need to know your options before you make a decision.  If that is you, this paper is for you.

I’d love to hear your feedback!  Please send a note.  Also, please contact me for more advanced opportunities like private branch exchanges and other multiple user deployments.

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